Entrepreneurship with a sense of family since 50 years

Looking back on the company’s history that spans half a century, it is striking how BSG House have always challenged traditional build methods – advancing technologies without sacrificing the charm and character of treasured architectural styles. We are continuously developing unique and elegant at the same time traditional and classical designs in order our customer would get the higher value.

Today, the company is led by the third generation of the family and has established itself as the European market leader in the most optimized production and efficient build of wooden frame houses. BSG House the Original: often imitated but never outdone in quality and individuality.

Your project is in good hands. If you are looking for a reliable partner to build a house, one of the most important life decisions, you will be in good hands with BSG House! The name BSG represents the aspiration and commitment of a family that has been placing equal emphasis on commercial strength and stability as on managers and employees taking responsibility for the continuity of the business.

This sharing and constructive approach creates the motivation for exceptional performance. Our carefully selected suppliers are not “sub-contractors” but equal partners who are actively involved in the continuous improvement of the BSG House.

Our family business philosophy is to create and nurture positive employee and customer relationships where we are all better as a result of having one another in each other’s lives. The pragmatic application of this philosophy is to ensure that there is a constant flow of respect for time, care for each other’s well-being and support for our mutual success in the form of providing instructions, knowledge and resources necessary to get the job done to the best of everyone’s ability.

Our main message is to deliver added value to the clients. Academic knowledge in wooden engineering and architecture, experience in carpentry both in factory and on construction site that we got from our first generation and finally sense of family by being responsible for our given word is still possible find here. Those values are key ones driving us forward.

brothers: Tomas and Arunas