Main answers to your questions

What is included in the standard price ?

Our prices include a turnkey assembled and winterized insulated house made of natural materials. Complete exterior and interior painting and sliding glass elements or double doors made of solid wood with three-layer tempered insulating glass. Our prices also include as standard, Ikea’s kitchens in various finishes with integrated appliances from Electrolux. The bathroom is equipped with Electrolux and Gustavsberg toilet as standard.

How much does it cost ?

Under each house model you will find a catalog. Start by selecting the architectural style you want, and you will find the price for that particular house after filling out the contact form. Or you can easily access the price in the lower right corner of the main image of each house.

Can we deliver building permission and how long does it take ?

We can provide building permit drawings. The municipality must issue a building permit within 10 weeks of receiving the documents. However, the time varies from municipality to municipality and from time to time – sometimes it is faster and sometimes it takes longer.

Where is the factory located?

Our factory is located at Ausros str. 63, Sirvintu distr. Lithuania. We offer services with logistic costs, so you do not have to worry about extra costs or other disturbances of daily life, we are committed to take care of it.

Is it the right time to build a house ?

With record low interest rates, low operating costs and many maintenance-free years, now is a great time to build a house. In troubled times, we all strive for security. And at BSG House, we know your dream of a new home is in good hands with a safe and stable partner.

Can you design custom houses ?

A house from BSG House includes great freedom of choice and high quality already as standard. BSG House cooperate only with selected quality suppliers and set high standards for the selection of products. You should be able to create a home that suits your style and feels personal.

How long does it take to create a custom house ?

If it is a custom designed house, our architects will draw it, review it with you and revise the drawings. Depending on the scope of the project, this process can take a couple of weeks to a couple of months.

Once the house is designed, the building permit documents are prepared and sent to the municipality.

When do you start production ?

When the building permit is issued, an application for a commissioning notice is made and then everything is ready to manufacture the house. We will then prepare the construction documents for your specific house, which will specify all the details such as kitchens, carpentry, storage rooms, electrical wiring and water supply.

Is it a solid built quality or like others ?

There are no shortcuts in the solid construction quality of BSG House. Behind it are routine, accuracy, knowledge and experience. Construction, production, assembly – everything is connected in one value and forms a chain. We are different because we have full control at every step. Most importantly, the commitment over the years has led us to be surrounded by many professionals and happy customers who now enjoy their life investments.

What do I need to do to prepare for new construction?

Choose your site or plot of land. Not every plot of land is suitable for building. So make sure it meets all regional regulations and zoning codes and fits your lifestyle.
Before you can start building, make sure your budget is set and talk to your bank about the best loan for your situation.

Can I contact your customers for feedback?

You can contact our customers. Not all of them want to be disturbed and we have to respect their will, but we can give you a list of numbers that you can easily reach at the appropriate time. We will be happy to provide you with the list of contacts and locations, after you find the closest ones, you can easily ask for a visit or ask for feedback.

Should I build or buy a house ?

It is up to the needs of each.

A built house is a house that is built without a specific owner. The architecture and material options come from what the builder believes the market wants. In many cases, builder’s skills and project solutions end at the minimum requirements of the building codes or regulations. The market describes the value of the house +- 5-10% of the equivalent.

A custom home is a home built for a specific owner. The architecture and material options are a piece of what you want. You and our team work on the value of the house.